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The birth poster on Shopping Queen on VOX

Posted by Kai-Gunnar Hering on
Das Geburtsposter bei Shopping Queen auf VOX

It's always nice and makes our hearts beat faster when we receive photos of their birth poster from our loyal community on Facebook and Instagram and the numerous happy parents.

However, our hearts beat even faster when we discover one of our posters in the TV program - like in the “Shopping Queen” show on VOX that was broadcast today. If you want to watch the whole episode you can watch it here:

Dear Patricia from Frankfurt will guide you through her kingdom - including her son's beautifully decorated children's room. And many viewers may have been wondering, “What’s that baby poster on the wall?”

It is her individually designed birth poster in Scandinavian design , on which her son is shown in his original birth size. And it has a place of honor in the children's room. This way she can always remember how little he once was, because as we all know, time flies and little ones grow up so quickly.

In order to revive the memory of the magical moment of the first encounter with your own baby, we designed this “baby poster” - the birth poster. If you would like to find out more about our history, just take a look here .

We are very excited to see where our journey will take us and where we will discover our posters (there are now over 12 different designs for birth posters alone). Of course, we would be happy to receive any information that reaches us via our social channels or by email.

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