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The footprint poster as a wonderful reminder of your child's first footprints

It's unbelievable how cute your child's feet and hands are. Every handle and every step is something very special and moments in which time should stand still for a short moment. With our beautiful print poster you can capture your little treasure's original footprint or handprint in a beautiful way forever.

Thanks to the print poster, you can always remember how small your child's hands or feet really were and think about your baby's first step every time you pass by.

Beautiful foot & handprint posters to match your interior design

Plaster casting was yesterday! Choose your favorite design for your personal print poster of your child from many great poster motifs. You can choose whether you want to keep only an imprint of the feet, only an imprint of the hands or both for eternity. If you are looking for a simple design, we can recommend our white and black designs with great finishing in bronze, silver or gold shine. But we also have simple print posters in a watercolor look with a touch of color that attract extra attention. We also have more unusual wreath designs that were designed for you with great attention to detail. Here a great wreath of flowers or leaves adorns the imprint of your little treasure.

An imprint poster – the perfect gift for a birth

Your friends just had a child and you are looking for an original gift? A poster of the hand or footprint is very personal and at the same time a great eye-catcher in any room. Your friends will be thrilled - they can always remember how small their little one's hands and feet were shortly after birth. Even after several years, it is still a magical memory.

This is how your print poster comes to your home

First we need some information about your baby so that we can personalize your poster for you. For this we need your child's name, as well as the date and time of birth and weight and height. We then need a photo of the print of your child's hand or foot, which we should use for your print poster. If you don't have a print of your child yet, you can easily make one using stamp ink on a white sheet of paper. Lastly, you can specify what finish your poster should have.

Our print posters at a glance

We have summarized all the important information for you here to find your perfect print poster:

  • The original size and shape of your child's hand or footprint will be printed 1:1 on your poster.

  • This means that every poster is unique and individual.

  • In addition to the simple designs, such as B. the white and black edition, there are more colorful designs with a watercolor look and more unusual designs like the wreath edition

  • A silver, gold or bronze finish makes your poster a real piece of jewelry.

  • You can choose between a handprint poster, footprint poster or a combination of both.