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Your individual birth poster as a reminder of the birth of your child

Touch it for the first time, look at it for the first time, feel it for the first time. The birth of your child is an unforgettable moment that you will never forget. Our birth posters help you capture this wonderful moment forever.

Your own birth poster will show you again and again how small your baby really was when it was born. Every time you pass by, every time you look at the poster, you will remember the first hours with your baby and will always be overwhelmed by how quickly time flies.

Beautiful birth poster designs to match your interior design

Choose your favorite design for your individual birth poster of your child from many different designs. We have great minimalist designs like our Scandinavian edition that will suit any interior style. Our colored posters can be easily combined with a simple furnishing style and are a real eye-catcher in any room. Our Heart Edition is very special and has been designed with great attention to detail. Many tiny hearts decorate the birth poster and represent the endless love for your child. You also have the option of having your poster refined in silver, gold or bronze shine. This makes your birth poster something very special.

A birth poster is the perfect birth gift

Your friends just had a child? A birth poster is the perfect gift for her. It is very original, personal and timeless. But even more important: it captures the most wonderful moment in your friends' lives forever - the birth of their child. And precisely because this moment is so special, it is not uncommon for the new parents to shed a tear or two.

This is how your birth poster comes to your home

First we need some information about your child so that we can personalize your poster for you. For this we need your child's name as well as the date and time of birth and weight and height at birth. You then choose the type of finishing and orientation of your poster. And then all you have to do is wait for the wow moment when you open the package and finally hold your birth poster in your hands.

Our birth posters at a glance

We have summarized all the important information for you here so that you can find your perfect birth poster:

  • All posters depict your child's original birth size on a 1:1 scale.

  • Each poster can be individually designed.

  • You can choose between more minimalist designs such as the Scandinavian Edition and more unusual designs such as the Heart Edition.

  • You can choose between individual posters, sibling posters or trio posters