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Birth poster

1. Do I have to send a photo of my child to you?

No. We only need birth details such as name, date & time, weight and height. You enter this data into the order form when placing the order. The illustration is made to scale according to the specified size.

2. Can I have two babies depicted on one poster?

Yes, of course. We have developed our sibling and trio posters specifically for this purpose. Simply click on the respective word to go directly to the category.

Imprint poster

1. How do I measure the size of the print?

For a footprint, you measure the distance from the big toe to the heel - for the hand, from the middle finger to the heel of the hand.

2. Can I also make the impression poster using a plaster cast?

Unfortunately, we cannot create a cast poster based on a plaster cast. We absolutely need a print on paper. The contrast should be as high as possible, for example a black print on white paper.

3. I have no imprint of the time of birth. Can the impression be made later and reduced to newborn size?

Yes, that is possible. Simply make a new impression (ideally in dark blue or black on white paper) and tell us the size at the time when ordering so that we can reduce it to the newborn size.

4. Are the prints still optimized so that, for example, fingerprints or impurities are removed?

Yes, we optimize the display of the print to create a perfect memory for you.

5. Does the print have to be scanned or can a cell phone photo also work?

You can send us the print as a scan or as a photo from your cell phone. You should make sure that the lighting is even (preferably in daylight) and that no shadows can be seen.

6. How can I upload the print after ordering?

That's easy. Simply go to and follow the instructions.

Lille Dims

1. Does the drawing have to be scanned or can a cell phone photo also work?

Of course, you can also take a cell phone photo of your child's artwork. Make sure to take the photo in daylight so that the lighting is even. In addition, there should not be any shadows or creases in the image. This allows us to transfer as many details of the drawing as possible onto the Lille Dims poster.

2. Will the color of the drawing also be transferred to the poster?

Unfortunately, it is not technically possible for us to transfer the colors to the poster. All visible lines of the drawing are transferred in white to the colorful background of the poster, as you can also see in the product photos.