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Your birth poster - a lasting impression of a magical moment

Posted by Kai-Gunnar Hering on
Lächelndes Baby - Geburtsposter

A first cry - a new life is here. The memory of this wonderful first encounter will never be lost. But as small and vulnerable as the child was in that first moment, it quickly grows. With the birth poster you can capture some of this magic and will constantly remind you of this moment. The pulse of life moves so quickly and cannot be stopped, that's why we have our birth poster.

The inspiration for the minimalist design of the birth poster was the simple, simple and modern style of Scandinavian design. A timeless piece of jewelry was created that does justice to this special moment and fits into almost any interior. If the taste or furnishing style of the apartment changes, one thing that remains is your birth poster.

In addition to the countless small shoes and items of clothing, what most parents remember as memories are the prints of hands or feet - but the feeling of how small the baby really was at the beginning is lost too quickly. There are numbers on the birth certificate, but your birth poster can give you a visual impression.

We offer the poster in classic black and white, but have also created colored watercolor editions. In “Blue Daisy” , “Flamingo” , “Rocky” and Co., soft colors surround the baby and emphasize the peaceful and warm atmosphere. And we have also come up with something for parents of twins. The twin birth poster in the “Twinny Love” edition depicts double happiness. Here too, in addition to the watercolor version, there is also the simple black and white design.

The birth dates are recorded individually on your birth poster. In this way it becomes a unique testimony to the joy of life. There is now an answer to the question “Can you still remember the first time you met your baby?” – it is hanging on the wall.

The birth poster is also a wonderful idea as a gift for the new parents. Individual and not everyday, it is a perfect alternative to classic gifts because it always revives the memory of probably the most emotional moment in life.

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