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Siblings and twins posters

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Geschwister- und Zwillingsposter

Sibling love is probably one of the strongest bonds that can exist between people. From the very beginning, siblings grow up together, side by side, and become adults. They experience the most beautiful moments together, starting with the wonderful first moment of birth.

Twins laughing
Product - Birth poster "Flamingo"

Sibling love

The older sibling looks curiously at their little brother or sister and explores their face, little fingers and eagerly watches the cute movements. The protective feelings that an older sibling feels for their younger sibling are immediately awakened. It feels like you're doing everything humanly possible to see your sibling happy and that's what we call unconditional love.

Twin love

With twins, the bond is also very special, as they grow up together in the womb, lovingly warming each other and sharing food. They see the light of day almost at the same time and are therefore inseparable from the first second. They often feel mentally connected and can sense when the other person is not doing well. They are always there for each other - forever.

Love multiplies when it is shared

After the initial joy of having a sibling, many parents soon worry that they may not be able to give all siblings the same amount of love or that the older sibling may be jealous. But as soon as the sibling is there, they realize “love multiplies when it is shared”. One of the most wonderful insights into parenting in the world.

The love of parents increases immeasurably and can hardly be expressed in words. Her heart seems to be bursting.

Mother holding baby in her arms
Product - Birth poster "Scandinavian"

Siblings and twins posters

We want to convey these wonderful feelings with our sibling and twin posters. This means both treasures can be admired next to each other on the poster. It is particularly exciting for parents to see the direct comparison of sizes at the time of birth. They can be similar in size or vary greatly due to premature or later births.

Our vision is not just to create a beautiful keepsake - we want to touch the hearts of parents. Our wish is that the look at the sibling or twin poster is reminiscent of the wonderful first time with the little ones.

The birth poster - collections

We have a range of wonderful motifs to choose from to suit every taste. Starting with our Scandinavian poster, for the simple version, through the colored watercolor sibling poster with different colors for the genders. There are also four other refined posters, also with watercolor tones or as a colorless version. A special highlight for us is the new “Nature Collection”, in which the siblings hold hands, visually expressing their love for each other. The color background is brown/beige, old pink, blue and a dark blue tone. All posters are refined (gold, bronze and silver).

Loving siblings
Product - Birth poster "Poppy" and sibling poster "Special Edition"

The posters can easily be filled with personal birth and baby details using our automated configurator.

The date of birth, time of birth, weight and height of the baby are shown. By specifying the size, we can print the poster at a scale of 1:1 of the original birth size. In addition, there are the options of Bonze, silver or gold finishing, which make us unique as “The Birth Poster”.

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