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Instructions for an autumn wreath

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Anleitung für einen Herbstkranz

As a highlight for autumn, we love to beautify our home with dried flowers. We have tied this beautiful wreath for you as decoration inspiration - and it is wonderfully easy to imitate:


  • a bunch of gypsophila
  • a bunch of poppy seed capsules
  • a bunch of phalaris
  • a metal ring
  • a fine, golden wire for binding
  • a normal pair of scissors

Tying an autumn wreath - this is how it works:

  1. First we lay out the metal ring with a diameter of approx. 30cm, the wire and scissors as well as the autumn flowers.
  2. We recommend distributing the different flowers on the table so that they can be easily separated for tying. Because the dry flowers can quickly get stuck together.
  3. Now we start by shortening the poppy seed capsules and phalaris (see photo for length) so that they don't protrude too much on the wreath.
  4. First, only the poppy seed capsules and the phalaris are alternately attached to the ring on the left and right with the fine wire.
  5. We decided on an asymmetrical shape for the wreath, which is why we tied the flowers a little higher on one side than on the other side of the ring.
  6. Once the foundation has been laid with the two somewhat simpler flowers, the gypsophila can be attached as a highlight and to cover up the previously tied flower stems.
  7. To give the wreath a visual finishing touch, we recommend cutting off the protruding stems as much as possible so that the ends are not visible.

We hope you enjoy crafting!

Your Tanya

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