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My Story - Nadia

This is Nadja's story

30 years old / 2 children / from near Frankfurt / Insta: la_liebelei

Photo of Nadja with son

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am Nadja, 30 years old and live with my family near Frankfurt.
I am a mother of two wonderful children, our Leopold, soon to be 3 years old, and our little Rosalie, 2 months old.

When did you realize that you really wanted to have children?

Oh, I've felt it for as long as I can remember... =)
I have always had a great desire to meet a lovely man, to start my own family and to become a mother to two sweet children. I think there is really nothing better than watching your own children grow up, accompanying them, giving them support, being there for them and supporting them in finding their own path.
I love being a mom and couldn't imagine anything better.

How did you experience the births of your children?

The births were very different. Two spontaneous births, both stressful in their own way but beautiful.
With Leopold I had a longer journey to the birth, but I received so much support from my husband and the midwives, who always gave me courage and strength.
When the little button was there, I knew that all the hours and effort had been worth it.
Rosalie's birth was very different. Even before it started, I had thought so much more about it than I did with Leopold back then.
“When would it start”, “what will it be like”, “will the second child really happen faster than the first child”?
Then there were the thoughts about Leopold, "Will grandma and grandpa be there in time to look after him", "how will he react if I'm in the hospital for a few days and he's not allowed to visit me" and the biggest question , which had been bothering me so much, "how will he react to his little sister?" and “how will he cope with such a big family change?”
So you can see that I had so many things on my mind and I was actually much more tense and nervous before the second birth than before the first.
I somehow knew what was going to happen to me, but there was still our little Leopold, about whom I had worried and thought so much.
When it started, however, everything had worked so well, Leopold was already in bed, grandma arrived on time and my husband and I were able to drive to the hospital in a relaxed manner.
The birth actually went a little faster than with Leopold and I was able to experience this birth much more consciously and painlessly thanks to the epidural, which I didn't have with Leopold.
Shortly before the little mouse was born, I noticed that the sun was rising and the birds had started chirping, it was really incredibly beautiful!

What do memories like your birth and print poster mean to you?

We received our first birth poster from Leopold for our baptism; it was one of the most beautiful gifts for us. It reminds us again and again of one of the most important and beautiful days of our lives and how incredibly lucky we are. It's also easy to forget how small the mice once were. All the better that it was captured like this.

How do you cope with everyday life with two children under 2 years old?

There are often chaotic situations. Situations in which as a parent you reach your limits. However, we do our best every day and work on reorganizing ourselves as a family, but that will definitely take time. =)

What plans do you have for yourself when both children go to daycare?

My two children and we as a family always come first. I think I'm thinking for the first time about what it might be like if both children are in daycare, or kindergarten and elementary school.
For me it will be a completely new phase of life, currently the entire focus is on my children, but from then on I will have to strike a healthy balance between job and family, which I don't imagine would be easy.
I would like to find myself in a new way professionally and I am very excited to see where the journey will take me.
Maybe then I'll have a little more time for my now great passion for Instagram, which has now become more than a hobby and brings me so much joy and variety in my everyday life as a mom.
However, thanks to the incredible support of my husband and grandparents, I know that I have the best support here and, no matter which path I take, that I have the best people around me who have my back!

Are you currently happy?

This is me, tired but happy!