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Our team - Ela

Ela | 27 years

Social media marketing

10 facts about me

1: My biggest passion is furnishings. Not a month goes by where I don't completely redesign something in my apartment. If I were a millionaire, I would have 10 apartments just to furnish them.

2: When someone asks me if I've seen the new Netflix series yet, I've usually already finished it. Only my brother is usually faster.

3: I have wanderlust almost all year round and not a day goes by when I think about where I could travel next.

4: Fast food is my chocolate, there's nothing like pizza, fries and cola. During the week, almost only vegetables are eaten.

5: As soon as I leave the house, I have headphones in my ears and switch between two Spotify accounts because I don't have my own but I absolutely need to listen to music on the go.

6: All material things that surround me every day must be beautifully arranged and correspond to my visual ideas. I haven't had a full-length mirror for two years because I haven't found a suitable one yet.

7: I can sleep anytime and anywhere and once I sleep, the world around me could end.

8: I could recognize everyone around me by their fingers, because shape and size say a lot about someone.

9: I never say no to a small or even larger trip to the mountain around the corner in the neighborhood. I just love going dancing with friends.

10: Because I grew up in the country, I can't walk past an animal without petting it. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I get a dog.