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Our team - Kai

Kai | 35 years

Founder & number juggler

10 facts about me

1: I love bananas. Why? Because a banana has an incredible 100 kcal and fills you up, it is simply a perfect snack. And to be honest: consuming around 3500 kcal every day is my real challenge.

2: Yes, I have a relatively strong sense of order. I even used to align my chairs with the joints in my parquet so that everything was symmetrical.

3: One of my dreams is to own a really fast car. It should have at least 400 hp. I love speed and the feeling of being pushed into the seat.

4: I am the only man on our team. And to be honest, I don't think that's a bad thing at all. On the contrary: I even enjoy it a little bit.

5: I am an absolute head person. In most situations this really benefits me because it allows me to make very rational decisions. Tanja, on the other hand, is more of a stomach person and that complements each other very well.

6: My greatest strength is that I can teach myself everything. I am an autodidact to the max. I like to learn and learn quickly. The advantage for me: there are virtually no limits.

7: When it comes to songs, I never listen to the lyrics. Whether I like a song depends entirely on the melody. Because of this, I can only sing along to about 3 songs, almost, the chorus.

8: I would like to speak English more often. Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to do this in everyday life. I've already thought about whether we should introduce a day in the office where only English is spoken.

9: I like cable channels. I really can't deal with a cable hanging loose on the wall or lying around on the floor. I laid a cable duct for it in no time at all - then I'm happy.

10: I am said to be very correct. Yes, I actually very rarely escalate and can have fun without alcohol without any problems - even until 8 a.m.