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Our team – Maren


Maren | 32 years


10 facts about me

1: I love pasta in all shapes and colors. In fact, I could eat pasta for breakfast. Unfortunately, the rest of my family doesn't play along.

2: I like to juggle with words. Complete sentences are not necessarily my strength. Yes, I admit that this doesn't necessarily make communicating with me any easier.

3: Basically, I'm the only one who can drive a car properly. I can always get very upset about other people's poor driving style. And so much so that my children have to cover their ears.

4: Secretly I'm a really creative person. I enjoy painting, crafting and writing. Yes, you can't really tell by looking at it, but as we all know, still waters are deep.

5: Plants and greenery are not my thing. If they're made of plastic, there's at least a small chance they'll survive.

6: I celebrate obstacle courses. My favorite obstacle on the last MuddyAngel run was the 3 meter slide straight into a large mud hole. I could have done that 30 more times.

7: I only make phone calls if I absolutely have to. Otherwise I prefer to write messages and in most cases I also reply.

8: Heeled shoes and I are a very, very rarely seen combination. Since I'm already very tall at 1.79 m, I'm Team Sneaker.

9: I am said to be reliability personified. I always have an overview and how could it be otherwise as a mother, I can also organize.