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Our team - Tanni


Tanni | 30 years

Founder & creative mind

10 facts about me

1: I am super ambitious and always MUST win. It doesn't matter whether you're playing table tennis, darts or backgammon. That's why I'm said to be a sore loser.

2: I am absolutely addicted to sports. I would love to go to the gym every day and exhaust myself completely. The feeling afterwards just makes me incredibly happy.

3: Paperless office? Without me. For me the rule still applies: from hand to head. I love notebooks and little books to write everything down.

4: I'm probably the only woman who doesn't do a happy dance over flowers. I just prefer green plants such as eucalyptus. It just fits my decor better.

5: Anyone who eats an apple or a crispbread next to me is living extremely dangerously. I hate eating noises of all kinds and that's why I really hate going to the cinema. “Popcorn and crispy chips” drives me crazy.

6: I can't chew gum because it always gives me sore muscles in my jaw and then pain when I eat. Therefore: Team Fisherman's Friend.

7: My brain loves songs. I can literally sing along to almost every song lyric by heart and out loud. The genre almost doesn’t matter. I listen to almost everything from German hip hop to pop and house.

8: I love tattoos - but I only have one myself. The reason: I keep finding new motifs that I really want to immortalize. A decision is almost impossible.

9: I always wanted to be a police officer. Unfortunately, God forgot about my height, so I didn't even make it over 1.60 m. The minimum height for the police is 1.63 m. It's a shame.

10: I love the sea and can never get enough of it. It calms and inspires me at the same time. I could walk on the beach for hours and listen to the waves.