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Your child's work of art - our Lille Dims

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Das Kunstwerk Deines Kinder – unsere Lille Dims

Small artists – big works. Forever.

Lille Dims translates to little things in Danish. Little things that are as beautiful as your child's latest piece of art.

The first work of art

Can you still remember the first piece of art your child painted for you?

At some point our Mucki started painting his own fantasy figures. One was more beautiful than the other. We have countless of these works of art in our home.

With our Lille Dims we can now preserve these beautiful works of art forever on a great poster.
Whether on paper, cardboard or sometimes on the children's room wall - that's where the most beautiful pictures of our children are created. These will now become a wonderful keepsake in your living room.
Red Lille Dims in front of a black wall

One work of art – many possibilities

The signature on your Lille Dims is particularly important. Beautifully finished, you can record your child's name and the date the work of art was painted. Especially if you have several artists, you can tell the works of art perfectly apart.
Child's name with finishing

It's that easy to create your own Lille Dims.

The most important thing: an artist

The most important thing is, of course, your child's artwork. It doesn’t matter what surface it was drawn on. When the artwork is finished, take a photo of it.

You then upload this photo to us during the ordering process, because we will use it to create your very own Lille Dims. You can choose how it is designed.

The background color can be freely chosen so that your child's artwork fits perfectly into your interior.

How a Lille Dims poster is made - explanation

Why some Lille Dims are priceless.

To order your own Lille Dims from us, the first thing you will of course need is your child's artwork. Lille Dims are the works of art that have a particularly emotional meaning and are priceless for families.

Priceless because a Lille Dims e.g. B. can be the last picture together with a loved one. Like our customer Sandra:

“My daughter painted this picture with him in the garden two weeks before my dad died. That’s why I chose the background color blue, that was his favorite color.”

Who needs Picasso or Van Gogh?

Our children have the most wonderful, pure and imaginative view of the world. We adults find it difficult, if at all, to maintain this. Every piece of art your child creates will surprise and amaze you, as it was drawn without boundaries or prejudices. A work of art means a lot to you? Wonderful, you can easily immortalize it as a beautiful Lille Dims forever.

So easy, so quick, so wonderful

Once you have decided which work of art should become a Lille Dims, all you need is a smartphone with which to photograph the drawing. You then upload it to our website as part of the ordering process .

There you can also choose the background color of your Lille Dim. Maybe there is a special connection there too, because e.g. B. is your child's favorite color. But of course that doesn't have to be the case.

You can put together your Lille Dims the way you want.

Find out more about our unique Lille Dims and order it here.

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