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Brand new: Lille Ord – your child’s first word

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Ganz neu: Lille Ord – das erste Wort Deines Kindes

Capture your baby's first word forever. Finally available – our Lille Ord's.

The finishing of the Lille Ord poster

Lille Ord means “little word” in Danish and goes so beautifully with our new posters because they capture your child’s very first word forever.

The very unique pronunciation is particularly sweet. That's why it was very important to us that, in addition to the translation and description, this was also recorded on your Lille Ord poster.

Of course, we have also beautifully finished the Lille Ord posters so that they add a unique shine to every room. So that the Lille Ord poster is perfectly tailored to your child's first word, the entire poster can be individualized.
The child's first word - Lille Ord poster in green and red

Your Lille Ods – your text on your poster.

As with all of our posters, when designing the Lille Ord's we made sure that the posters were particularly high quality and elegant. So that the Lille Ord fits your child's first word perfectly, you can completely customize the text yourself. Not only can you enter the first word, the descriptive text also comes from you. Completely unique and individual.

The first word - finally.

Can you still remember the moment your child started speaking? Most children speak their first small words at the age of one and a half. This can be “Mom” or “Dad” or even animals and objects. However, often only the closest people can understand the first small words.

Children have their own understanding of language and absorb the words they hear in their immediate surroundings. In most cases this is their native or first language. Daily experiences such as seeing, feeling and hearing are the basis for all words learned in the future.

Children hold Lille Ord word posters and print posters from Lille Søn

And then everything happens very quickly.

If your child is already 2 or 3 years old or older, then you know that your child's vocabulary will continue to grow from then on. Before they speak, they first understand the words and then specifically select the words they need.

Just so that it can quickly entangle you in the wildest discussions and by then you will have forgotten what your child's first word was. So keep it forever with our beautiful Lille Ord's.

Close-up of two Lille Ord posters with glossy finish

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