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The new “Nature Edition”

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Die neue “Nature-Edition”

It's finally here - our new “Nature Edition” - and with it our new baby motif as a birth poster. We took you with us into the development process, you coordinated with us, made improvements and gave helpful tips, so that we can now proudly present our new motif.

One line baby

The new baby motif is different than the previous scribble-like motifs because it is a One Line Baby. That is, it is drawn from one line from start to finish. We would like to build on the basic idea of ​​simplicity and naturalness of our new color world. The naturalness is also reflected in the details of the face and the entire body. The face is characterized by delicate cheeks, a small smiling mouth, a cute button nose and peacefully sleeping eyes. In addition to the face, the ear cup is also drawn in detail.

We have thought of a special feature for the girls - the girl's head is adorned with a wonderfully light bow, which is also drawn in the one line style. This covers the ear lightly to warm it gently.

Product - Birth poster "Nature Edition" marble

For the boys, we opted for a slight hairline at the front of the head. In our first draft we presented you with a hat as headgear, which we rejected thanks to your feedback. The boy appears more at ease without the accessory, giving him room to recognize his own newborn in it.

Product - Birth poster "Nature Edition" marble

On the baby's body, we decided to give the delicate fingers and feet more shape. Here, too, you pointed out to us that the shape of the toes was not yet perfect, which we then optimized. The individual fingers and toes are clearly visible and drawn in great detail. The baby hugs its arms and fingers to the front of its body, it almost looks as if the baby is sucking on its little fingers. The hands are placed lovingly in front of the baby's face.

Nature background

We deliberately based the background color of the posters not only on natural tones, but also the materials are visually reminiscent of nature through the marbling. We are clearly seeing a trend towards more wooden materials in children's rooms, such as wooden beds and cupboards, raffia baskets or linen fabrics for bed linen, blankets and pillows. Our posters can be perfectly integrated into your interior design and create a wonderfully harmonious color image. The children's room invites you to feel good, play and dream thanks to the interaction of coordinated furnishings and accessories.

Product - sibling poster "Nature Edition" marble

The soft pillow made of sparkling stones that magically surrounds the baby means safety and security for the newborn. The gentle stones cling to the newborn like a pillow or blanket and enclose it tightly with wonderful protection. Because that's exactly what we want and give to our babies. We want to protect them and be there for them forever. Infinite parental love is unconditional and above all. That's exactly what we want to convey with our posters.

We are very happy to share our new edition with you and to be able to continue taking you with us on our exciting journey!

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