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We donate to Star Children

Posted by Tanja Lier on
Wir spenden für Sternenkinder

We have been campaigning for star parents and their little stars for several years now. Some of you are probably familiar with our “Star Child Campaign,” in which we gave away 100 Star Child posters. 

Moms and dads from our community keep writing to us who have just lost their child and would like to remember their little star with a star child poster.

Photo mother kisses star child

What this poster means for parents cannot be put into words. Often it is the only thing the star parents have left of their little treasure. That's why we've always thought about how we can help. How we star parents can make this difficult time a little easier.

Because of this, in the last few weeks we have spoken to many star parents and also organizations who care about the topic as much as we do. 

The result is a wonderful collaboration with:
Star Magic & Premature Baby Miracles eV

Star Child Club Logo

In the future, all star child posters will be available in our shop for a small fee. 

All proceeds (via Sternenkind posters) will be donated 100% to Sternchenzauber & Frühchenwunder eV. 

The association has been working entirely on a voluntary basis for premature baby and star parents for several years. They make this incredibly difficult time easier for parents by, for example, knitting hats for star children or designing beautiful souvenir pendants. 

Accessories for star children

We were immediately impressed by the incredible energy and commitment that the girls have shown for so many years now. 

Hats off! And we are really happy that we will be fighting for the same cause in the future and will hopefully be able to make the difficult times a little easier for many parents of premature babies and new born parents. 

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