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Our initiative for star children

Our story is much more than producing high-quality posters

We are Lille Søn, a very special online shop from Hamburg. We have made it our mission to develop products that enable you to capture your most impressive and beautiful moments in life forever. The birth of your own child or the first spoken word from your loved ones can be such a life moment.

Our values. Who we are and how we work.

We are honest with ourselves and those around us. We are passionate and creative. We love our work and act responsibly and attentively towards ourselves and our environment.

Everything starts with us and our team. The desire for further development and change is omnipresent. We respect each other and are 100% loyal to ourselves and our products, which affects every design and every development of a new product. Lovingly, meaningfully and with a great eye for aesthetics, we design many beautiful things that preserve life's most impressive memories forever.

The collaboration with Sternenzauber & Frühchenwunder eV

We have been campaigning for star parents and their little stars for several years now. Some of you are probably familiar with our “Star Child Campaign,” in which we gave away 100 Star Child posters. Within a few minutes, all the star child posters were given away and we realized once again how many parents are affected.

In the last few weeks, we have spoken to many star parents and organizations who care about the issue as much as we do. This is how we got to know the wonderful association Sternenzauber & Frühchenwunder eV. We were immediately impressed by the incredible energy and commitment that has been on display there for so many years. It was immediately clear to us: This is what we want to support.

What is important to us. Our “Sea of ​​Stars” initiative

All star child posters are available in our shop for a small amount so that all parents can remember their star child, regardless of their financial possibilities. In addition, 100% of all income generated from the sale of Sternenkind posters is donated to the Sternenzauber & Frühchenwunder eV association. In addition, due to popular demand, there is now the option to donate a small amount every time you purchase a poster. This means that all parents have the opportunity to take part in our wonderful Star Sea initiative.

Facts about star children: When a child goes to the stars way too early

The birth of a child is the first memory of their child that parents will never forget. But for some parents, the birth is at the same time the most beautiful but also the most painful memory of their sweetheart. Because it is, if at all, the only moment you are allowed to share with your child.